Thérèse Ahlbeck was born in September 1972 in Kristianstad, south of Sweden. She is a Swedish film director and screenwriter. Her interest in filmmaking and storytelling began early, and soon after high school she went on to the University of Lund to study film and art history.

With a degree in journalism the world of radio appeared to her and she worked as a reporter/producer for a few years before returning to film. From working with radio she brought with her both knowledge and love for sound, as a powerful component in storytelling. Moulded together with her interest in music and art, she applied and got accepted to Dramatiska Institutets education for Filmdirection, from which she graduated in 2008.

Her graduation film "Janna & Liv", starring Sofia Ledarp and Lo Kauppi, was nominated by the Student Academy Award, to a Honorary Foreign Film Award, 2010. In addition to this "Janna & Liv" has won several international prizes. Thérèse Ahlbeck is currently working on her first feature film “Freefall” starring Alexandra Rapaport.

Photo from the shooting of "Fisken & Apelsinen"